What is Emerald Legacy?

Emerald Legacy is a fan-run nonprofit volunteer collective. Our mission is to provide a living and thriving continuation of the Legend of the Five Rings competitive LCG after the end of official support for the game.
We do this through several initiatives.

Our Rules Team plans on adjusting the existing rules, cards, restricted, and banned lists of the LCG as necessary to create the most dynamic, balanced environment possible, and then maintain the rules documents to keep the game going into the future.

Our Design Team will be designing, playtesting, and releasing our own Emerald Legacy cards for the L5R community. They will be fully compatible with the Legend of the Five Rings LCG.

Our Story Team will be evolving a story line to support the new cards and story tournament victories for fans to follow and enjoy.

Emerald Legacy will provide support to organized play, with the goal of creating prize kits and support for local and regional competitive events. Our Organized Play team aim to arrange annual tournaments on National or International levels of play.

If you’re interested in joining the Emerald Legacy team, please check out our list of open positions.

We’re proud to introduce our team of Emerald Legacy board members.

Find us on Twitter as @Emerald_Legacy_, and on Facebook as Emerald Legacy Game.

You can also contact us via email at [email protected] if you want more information.

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