The foundation of Emerald Legacy is our story. Our wonderful team of writers is continuously creating new fictions following the great clans on this new adventure! This page shows an updated list so you can keep up with the story as it develops.

If you want to learn more about the new continent, the regions claimed by the clans on landfall, and so on, head over to our section about Sanctuary.

  • Control June 21, 2024

    We’ve got a new story for you today, Control by Jeanne Kalvar. It is clear to the Otomo that they need to keep the clans in control and they found the perfect solution for it: the Pearl Champion and the Coral Champion.

    This story is an introduction to our Kotei Series in 2024, and the tournament this weekend in particular.

  • Crescent Moon Strike May 30, 2024

    We’ve got a new story for you today, Crescent Moon Strike by Chris Garvey. The Lion discuss a trade with the Mantis, although each side might define that word differently: trade.

  • The Pact May 2, 2024

    Welcome back to another story, The Pact by Tariq Ali. This story foreshadows future story prizes that we will offer at the Koteis, and give us a taste of what will come. The Phoenix lobbying will bear great fruit…look forward to the Test of the Coral Champion and the Test of the Pearl Champion coming to a Kotei in the near future!

  • The Great and Terrible Winter Battle of Sakura Hill February 22, 2024

    Welcome back to a special story on Sanctuary. Our new Unicorn artist, Kevin Sanborn, also wrote a story about two of our characters, Hayate and Sumire. Enjoy!

  • Trailblazer February 1, 2024

    Welcome back to a new story on Sanctuary. Join us in Jeanne Kalvar’s story about Daidōji Akikore, a mysterious shrine, and a tanuki!

  • Nihai is Falling January 13, 2024

    It’s a new year, and we have a new story for you! Today’s story about Bayushi Kazue is written by Glen Goerwell. Enjoy!

  • Waters of Masuiensou November 2, 2023

    It’s story Thursday, and today we have a very terrific story for you! It’s so spooky that we considered to release it on Halloween, had we not had another great story for that. Today’s story about a Restorative Hot Spring is written by A. M. Rodriguez. Enjoy!

  • Overconfidence October 31, 2023

    It’s Halloween, and a tradition in the L5R universe is to release a special Halloween fiction on this date. Thus, we also release a Halloween story, written by Glen Goerwell about Yogo and his family. Enjoy!

  • Impossible Duty October 12, 2023

    We’re back with a story about the Phoenix and the Ceremonial Robes, by our Phoenix lead author Tariq Ali.

  • Betrayal of Truth September 7, 2023

    A few months ago, you were given the chance to decide the outcome of a duel in the Clan rivals tournament of Dragon vs. Phoenix. We’re delighted to present you the outcome of that duel that you have chosen, written by our Dragon story lead Alex Jacobs.

  • Below the Surface July 24, 2023

    The Kotei is over and Scorpion carried off the story prize! Today’s story by Glen Goerwell and Chris Garvey reflects the results of the winner’s decision.

  • The Flower’s Emissary June 22, 2023

    Only two days left until the first in-person Emerald Legacy Kotei, and the winner is going to decide the Fate of the Mantis! To provide a foundation for the decision, today’s story by Chris Garvey will give us an insight into the current situation of the Mantis.

  • I’ve Got a Theory May 18, 2023

    We’re going to end this week, which saw Ancient Secrets‘ final preview yesterday, with a new Scorpion story by Glen Goerwell.

  • Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back April 27, 2023

    Hey everyone, we’re back with another Scorpion story for today, written by Glen Goerwell!

  • Hidden Lineage March 9, 2023
    We're having another look at the story of the Dragon clan today. Alex Jacobs takes us along to the region of the Tanuki, where they share some of their secrets with Hitori of the Dragon Clan.
  • Honest Assessment February 16, 2023

    Today’s story by Alex Jacobs tells us more about Seiji’s Fate, Mirumoto Rei, and a spicy situation with a certain Shiba Yohana.

  • Field of the Fallen February 9, 2023

    We’re back with a Lion story today, written by our Dragon story lead author for a change, Alex Jacobs. It reflects the results of the last clan rivals tournament!

  • Kotei Season 2023 – The Accursed Discovery January 3, 2023

    Only 4 days until our very first (online) Kotei remain, and we haven’t told you anything yet about potential rewards, story intricacies, or details about the tournament itself. I’m going to change this today.

  • The Secret of Bamboo December 22, 2022

    Our Crane writer Kakita Kaori has crafted a new story about the Crane clan for you. It is about love, Ienori, and – of course – bamboo.

  • Halloween Special: Cuckoo Bird October 31, 2022

    Today, we’ve got something special for you: a Halloween story by Glen Goerwell about the origins of Shosuro!

  • Song of the World – Part 1 September 29, 2022

    We’re back with another story. Iuchi Tadamatsu reflects on how the Unicorn landed on Sanctuary and what they encountered in their new home, the Obsidian Caves. Read on for Song of the World – Part 1 by Utaku Yamada.

  • Foundations of Hope August 18, 2022

    Welcome to another story Thursday! This time, Kaiu Mitsurugi takes center stage and explains his audacious plan to bring the Empress safely to the shores of lake Aratana Hajimari. Read on for Foundations of Hope by A. M. Rodriguez.

  • Blessed are the Content July 28, 2022

    It is known that the seven Great Clans made their way to Sanctuary, but they are not the only ones. Join us today for a new story about the Mantis, by Chris Garvey.

  • Knowledge July 14, 2022

    Today, we follow the Phoenix into the Empty City and witness the first adventures of Shiba’s followers on Sanctuary, written by our Phoenix lead author Tariq Ali.

  • Deduction June 16, 2022

    Welcome to another Story Thursday at Emerald Legacy! In today’s story by Alex Jacobs, the Water Ox has reached shore and we follow Rei and her party as they scout the lands.

  • The Way of the Lion May 31, 2022

    We’ve got something special today for you, a comic by Emilio Ortiz and Jescer Ramírez about the Lion clan and how they react to the planned expedition to Sanctuary.

  • Fresh Water May 19, 2022

    The clans have landed on Sanctuary, and the Scorpion are the first to claim their lands. Join us today for a new story by Glen Goerwell, Fresh Water.

  • Sanctuary May 12, 2022

    The ships of the Empress as well as of all the seven Great Clans burst from the mists and find Sanctuary. Read on to find out what Jeanne Kalvar and Chris Garvey have in store for us with today’s new short story!

  • Views from Deck – Part 4 March 3, 2022

    The final installment of this series is here at last! Today’s fiction, by Tariq Ali and Kakita Kaori, brings us scenes from the daily lives of Asako Reina and Asahina Niwayo.

  • Views from Deck – Part 3 February 24, 2022

    It’s time for another story! We’re back with the third part of the mini series ”Views from Deck”. This time, we have two stories about Scorpion and Unicorn, written by Glen Goerwell and Utaku Yamada, respectively.

  • Views from Deck – Part 2 February 2, 2022

    Another installment in a look aboard the ships as they make their way Through the Mists. Brought to you by Matsu “Khagdar” Kenshin and A. M. Rodriguez.

    A glimpse at the lives of Matsu Yona and Yasuki Kiyoko at sea.

  • Views from Deck – Part 1 January 25, 2022

    The first in a look at life aboard the ships as they make their way Through the Mists. Brought to you by Chris Garvey and Alex Jacobs.

    A glimpse at the lives of Hantei Botan and Mirumoto Rei at sea.

  • Cold Hands, Stone Heart December 31, 2021

    Our final post of the year is another story by Dragon author Alex Jacobs!

    A stranger arrives in the mountains and learns lessons he will carry with him forever in this heartwarming story of the Dragon for the holiday season.

  • The Wave’s Blade November 11, 2021

    The Great Clans have begun an exodus, a journey to a land shrouded in mist far beyond the coastline of their homeland. They do this while blatantly turning a blind eye to the Mantis clan. How can such an outrage be left unanswered? Please enjoy today’s fiction, presented by our very own Chris Garvey, as the Mantis begin to make their move on the Great Clans, boldly following their fallen leader’s ambition for greatness.

  • Blind Sight October 31, 2021

    Brought to us by the very talented Glen Goerwell, the EL team is proud to present Blind Sight! The Story team has done a fantastic job portraying the reality that in a very mystical world things can become a nightmare very quickly.

  • The Water Path October 27, 2021

    At long last, our voyage begins. Mists writhe and shift and the harbor silences in anticipation. We bring you The Water Path, in which we see the first effects of the launch tournament story prize. With this, our journey is truly underway. Stay tuned…

  • Onibaba October 13, 2021

    Join Hida Honoka in the last of our prequel stories to the Emerald Legacy, the story dedicated to the Crab clan. Thanks to A. M. Rodriguez for bringing my favourite clan to life.

  • Scars and Failure October 6, 2021

    The Emerald Legacy Story Team is proud to present our very first Lion Clan fiction! Matsu “Khagdar” Kenshin has done a fantastic job stepping up as lead Lion Clan and we couldn’t be more excited to see the direction the Lion are lead under his direction. Our flagship fiction, Scars and Failure, deals with a side of the Lion that is not often addressed. This will set the stage for many great triumphs and tactics from the warriors of the Lion as they set sail into new lands and prepare to brave new dangers.

  • Fear September 29, 2021

    Despite the disruption of heretical saboteurs, this week we are pleased to announce the newest fiction from the Emerald Legacy team’s head Phoenix writer, Tariq Ali, Fear.

  • Chasing Butterflies September 22, 2021

    The team is back from GenCon and that means it’s time to reveal the Crane Clan fiction, Chasing Butterflies for your enjoyment.

  • Future Ventures September 8, 2021

    A new week brings a new fiction! This week we introduce the lead Unicorn Clan writer, Utaku Yamada.

  • Pendant September 1, 2021

    It has been a week and we’re excited to bring you a new story. Today’s fiction has been written by our new lead Scorpion Clan writer, Glen Goerwell!

  • Bitter Destiny August 26, 2021

    The next installment of Emerald Legacy fiction is now available for your reading pleasure! With this announcement, we’d also like to introduce Alex Jacobs as our lead Dragon Clan writer.

  • An Empress’s Legacy August 1, 2021

    The Empress of the Empire has an important decision to make in the latest fiction from our magnificent story team.

  • After the Storm July 14, 2021

    The foundation of Emerald Legacy is our own story line. Our wonderful team of writers is working hard to create wonderful stories for you to read.