The Way of the Lion

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We’ve got something special today for you, a comic by Emilio Ortiz and Jescer Ramírez about the Lion clan and how they react to the planned expedition to Sanctuary.

To Isawa Hifumi, Phoenix Clan’s Expedition Head, Protector of Tomorrow

We finished our investigation of Akodo Yoshitsune and his inner clique. Despite our initial suspicions, our peasant spies found no sign of heresy within the Lion clan. Yoshitsune did participate in a rather unorthodox “blood oath” ceremony, but Kaito Yoshiaki informed us that the ritual in question does not appear to involve any communication with the kansen. Since the ritual is not related to maho, it’s legal…barely.

I have attached our final report – ‘Way of the Lion’ – for your review. As per your instruction, the report has been beautifully illustrated in the manner of Crane aesthetics, and follow Scorpion best practices in dramatizing intelligence findings. This report focuses on Akodo Yoshitsune (the leader of the Lion clan at Sanctuary) and Ikoma Yumiko (an Emerald Magistrate with ties to Natsuko, Yoshitsune’s loyal aide).

Shiba Yohana, General of the Phoenix Clan’s Expedition Militia

Click here to download the comic as PDF file or comic reader file.

This comic is a companion piece to Scars and Failures, an Emerald Legacy story that talks about the Lion clan’s reactions to the Empress’ plan to organize an expedition to Sanctuary.