Emerald Legacy Charter

Emerald Legacy Charter

Why do we exist?

The Emerald Legacy exists to provide continuation for the L5R card game.

What do we do?

We provide continuation for this project by:

  1. Establishing and maintaining a healthy competitive environment in which the game can be played
  2. Telling compelling stories that meet expectations on what an L5R story is
  3. Involve the player base in shaping the story
  4. Promoting and supporting organized play, both online and offline
  5. Support the community to create a healthy place to talk about the game and the story

How will we succeed?

By being good stewards:

  • Involve the community in story decisions
  • Talk with the community about game balance concerns
  • Talk with the community about ongoing development
  • Be quick to respond to issues that come up
  • Making diversity and inclusion core values

By constantly building and maintaining our three pillars of success, realizing that all are of equal importance to the success of this project:

  • Healthy game
  • Compelling story
  • Healthy community

The Three Pillars of Success

How do we define a healthy game?

  • Being realists, not idealists when it comes to how people play the game
  • Having an active presence in balance updates, and in communicating about balance updates and strategies to the player base
  • Creating new content that makes people excited to put into their decks
  • Reducing the barriers for entry of both beginners and returning players
  • Having incentives for story-focused community members to participate in the game

How do we define a compelling story?

  • Allowing community members to shape the story (via tournaments, polls, etc)
  • Having the story shape and be shaped by what happens in the card pool
  • Allowing players to feel like decisions during games end up mattering in both in the context of the individual game and the greater world
  • Having reasons for game-focused community members to care about the story

How do we define a healthy community?

  • Reinforcing and/or improving upon a positive, safe and inviting community to play and talk about the card game
  • Having a strong organized play presence, both online and offline
  • Reducing the barrier for entry of beginners, so that we can continue to grow the community
  • Treading carefully to avoid alienating a large chunk of the player base with either game decisions or story decisions

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