To New Pastures

The seven Clans set out to new pastures and eventually found Sanctuary. On the new continent, a few regions are already known and have been claimed by the clans after Landfall.

A map of Sanctuary, the new home all seven clans are moving to.

Forest of Rustling Whispers (Crane Clan)

Above the cliffs which surround this portion of the island, a massive bamboo forest extends in all directions for many li. Calm and serene, the rustling of leaves and the creaking of the swaying stalks lulls the senses, whilst the radiant green canopy breaks the intensity of Lady Sun. The rushing clamor of water hints at the river which passes through the forest, winding it’s serpentine form around the forest’s roots before cascading over an unseen precipice. Alluring and enticing natural beauty can be found here.

Obsidian Caves (Unicorn Clan)

Black sand beaches and black cliffs give way to black caves of obsidian dug within the overgrown and red and gray-streaked cliffs. There is space, and water, and fertile ground here, but those caves go on endlessly into hidden depths yet unplumbed.

Barren Swamps (unclaimed)

A festering swamp that seems to go on forever. The trees rot even as they grow, the mud bubbles up, and the stench covers everything for days. There is little that could properly be called food, predators abound, there is no apparent mineral wealth or usable lumber, and none of the exotic plants or fungi that grow seem medicinally useful, or even alchemically interesting. Nonetheless, there is a strange beauty in those green branches that seems appealing to those who pass through, a complete and total sense of peace.

Misty Plains (unclaimed)

Centered not too far from the beaches, a long stretch of rolling grasslands can be found. The greenery can go for miles on a clear day seemingly to a distant mountain in the center of the island. However it is rare that the day is clear at all as rolling fog covers these plains most of the time, rendering travel difficult. As a settlement location, the only obvious problem is the lack of sun.

Fortune’s Fields (Lion Clan)

Inland and upriver, sheltered by rolling hills and near a shallow but swiftly-flowing river, this area is a long valley with a multitude of rice paddies. Though there are no signs of inhabitants, each grows cultivated as if tended by generations of farmers who’ve sculpted the terrain into perfect farmland, though the rice has grown wild and seedy over the years.

Shore of the Ashen Flames (Crab Clan)

A stretch of black sand beaches and fertile soil that lies at the foot of a darkened mountain. Here, as one approaches the base of the volcano, the air is thick with fumes, geysers of boiling water spew into the air and roiling mudpits bubble like cookpots. Hotsprings rimmed with fine white calcite ledges and pools can be found at the edges of these shores. Areas cooled by water coming down the smoky slopes are lush and fertile, with good hunting, and the energy from the buried heat can be used to drive industries such as forging and tanning.

Cliffs of the Sea Dragon (Dragon Clan)

Only a tiny stretch of beach and a patch of shady woodland and dunes behind. It is sheltered by tall, rocky cliffs crested by deep forest. The sand is white and pure, and the cliffs are riddled with caves that will be impossible to capture from any opposing force. A waterfall brings clear, fresh water cascading from the tops of the cliffs down to the ocean here, its droplets hanging in the air like diamonds. The ocean here is clear and blue and, at night, a person watching can see strange lights moving in the depths.

The Jade-Colored Rocks (Scorpion Clan)

Off the coast of the island lie a series of military fortresses built on small jade-colored rocks. These fortresses are similar to the fortresses that were built during the First War against the Shadowlands. The fortresses’ steel walls gleam in the sunlight, and you can hear the sound of the waves as they crash against the jade-colored rocks.

The Empty City (Phoenix Clan)

This strange place was discovered soon after arrival. Built along a river delta, the city is well positioned. Strangely, it is built in an ancient style of Rokugani architecture, seemingly using techniques from the era of the Shining Prince and completely preserved. There are no people, no animals, no signs of inhabitants, just empty buildings seemingly awaiting the arrival of the expedition.