Emerald Legacy Board

Interim Coordinator/Jigoku Liaison: Marc Soiferman

Marc Soiferman (Discord: Zarzuckett) has been playing L5R since 2017 when his friends brought home some Core Sets from Gencon. He’s mostly known for playing Noble Sacrifice, and as a result can commonly be seen playing Crane and Scorpion.

A professional Software Engineer, Marc is best known for being the current Lead Developer for Jigoku, helping to ensure that players have quick access to the newest cards, and is excited to help bring the player base the changes the Emerald Legacy has in store.

He hopes to use his experience doing project management for Software projects to help set the direction for the Emerald Legacy and to ensure that exciting development can be made.

Interim Coordinator: Finbarr Goode Begley

Finnbar (Discord: Steelfur) got into L5R when he was 12-13, at the start of Gold Edition, his brother got a starter (Crane) and he picked up one of the only clans left (Dragon). Being from a small town in Ireland, he was hooked by tales of far off places, and the landscapes, magic, monks and warriors that it contained. 

He stopped playing the CCG in 2007/2008, when he went to University, as the CCG model really didn’t fit with the costs of being a student in Dublin. Unsurprisingly when the LCG was announced Finnbar bought in straight away and helped build a good scene in the London Legion.
He’s loved the L5R community, playing both locally and travelling for events, and even done his own parts to keep the game alive during COVID with the LLO tournament series.

You might know his YouTube videos (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEByzWVSjIfIJV5Hi2ijkA) where he talks about L5R and other card games and does match commentary and strategy.

Story Lead: Jeanne Kalvar

Jeanne (Discord: Kakita Kaori) has been involved in the L5R community since 1997, hanging around the Crane Forums, writing Fan Fiction, and participating in community events like Gencon and Challenge Booth fundraisers while the L5R was run by AEG. She’s played through and run multiple campaigns in the World, including the unofficial Winter Court 5.

She’s been a reader for The Table is Yours podcast, and she hosts the Court Games RPG podcast, as well as creating many resources for the RPG and writing a few more stories in the world and trying to help out the community where she can.  She is looking forward to the challenge of trying to create an interesting and fun story for Emerald Legacy players to explore.

When she is not doing Legend of the Five Rings things, she is a software designer and a mother of three teenagers, with a background as a geologist. Do not ask her how she feels about Rokugan’s topography.  

Art Director: Trevor Cuba

Trevor (Discord: Kakita Onimaru) has been all over the L5R world in one way or another since 2009. Aside from being a competitive CCG and LCG player he has been involved in a number of L5R including running the Crane Clan website and Facebook pages, co hosting and editing the Court Games LCG podcast, reading on The Table Is Yours Podcast, guesting on a number of other podcasts (Splinters of Jade, Jade Throne, etc.), as well as hosting local tournaments.

When the L5R LCG launched, Trevor was selected by Fantasy Flight Games to do the Crane Clan introduction write up. As Art Director, Trevor plans on keeping the games tradition of featuring amazing art alive and well in the way only a Crane can.

Trevor is a US Navy veteran, and while he technically has a degree in Graphic Design he only gets to use it while volunteering in L5R projects or helping out with the Detroit based anime convention, Youmacon.

Rules Lead: Martin Schröder

Martin (Discord: WorkerBee) picked up the LCG when it was released in 2017 and got hooked by the theme, complexity and artwork of the game straight away. He joined the Dragon Clan and has been a clan loyalist ever since then, competing in various European tournaments where he ended up 4-2 (and missing top cut) most of the time. He’s known for playing his own decks, mostly focused around Duelists or Bushi.

At the end of 2018, he took over FiveRingsDB together with one of his co-workers and he maintains the site ever since, providing the community easy access to card rulings and a non-PDF version of the Rules Reference Guide and Imperial Law and providing Jigoku with the data and images for new cards. With the game officially completed, he is currently working on EmeraldDB, the successor of FiveRingsDB, to create a central site for everything rules related for the Emerald Legacy.

While Martin loves the complexity of the game and the depth it provides, he tries to be pragmatic when it comes to changing parts of the rules framework to provide a smoother playing experience. His ultimate goal is ironing out the rules enough to reduce mental load and making the game more accessible for new players without sacrificing the core aspects of the game he fell in love with in 2017.

In the time he doesn’t invest in L5R Martin works as a software developer in Germany. His other hobbies are still on halt for the moment due to the pandemic. He’d usually meet up with some of his co-workers every two weeks for band practice where he plays bass and sings. He also loves going to festivals and concerts, but since all of that is off the menu for now… more time for L5R!

Design Lead: John Carico

John (Discord: Nomadic) is the lead designer for the Emerald Legacy project. He is currently residing on the west coast of Canada, and is known within the L5R community as the current Unicorn Magistrate for the community Discord, his unprecedented love for the Seeker of Water role, with which he claimed both an Elemental Championship win, and a Hatamoto title, and an all-around pleasant individual.

His interest in gaming and design is long winded and terribly droll. Not wishing to bore you with the minutiae, he would rather focus on L5R specifics, unless further pressed. From what he has said, the elements that attracted him to L5R, as opposed to the many other games available, was threefold. The tactile nature of the components, rewarding skillful play, and the unique deckbuilding requirements.

These things all set his mind awhirl with possibilities for the game. His goal with the Emerald Legacy is to fulfill these possibilities that he saw from when he first learned the game.

John’s free time currently, when not contemplating the project’s ramifications, is split between reading, cooking, and chatting with friends over a cup of coffee.

Design Team: Liam Hanrahan

Liam (Discord: Paddy Olly) is a 42 year old Aussie school teacher. Lover of games of all kinds. He was heavily into MTG but fell out of love due to randomness.

When he discovered board games, he quickly built his collection and now has over a 100 board games. Liam has been obsessed with game design coming on 6 years now with loads of prototypes. 

Liam got into the game when the LCG started. He loves the game and loves the community. He is very happy to be able to contribute to it.

Organised Play Lead: Robert Almgren

Robert (Discord: Rob) is known to many across the EU as part of a team that has successfully run EU OP for FFG and AEG before them for years. His first contact with the game was actually just around the year 2000, when he stepped in with some friends in Gold edition, and then never looked back. Since then, as a traveler at heart, he has traveled the world playing L5r, first the old game and then into the new one. He has played the game on four continents, and has a dream to someday play any of the iterations, old or new, on all. Including Antarctica.

He likes martial arts, motorcycling, and live music, as well as the occasional Viking reenactment to keep all those presumptions about him alive…

Rob has been discovering online play now, as he used to be the guy who insisted that cards are played with cards and a sense of bluff and so on that is much harder in the online game. But for the good of a living community, even old grumpy holdouts like Rob need to invent their views. And he even became a Clan War captain to prove that point.

Most will know him for his long commitment to the Dragon clan, the blood of Togashi. What is not to love with tattooed heavy metal shaolin monks and reclusive masters, right? A Viking fits right in!

Community Management: Evan Strite

Evan (Discord: Pushy Mushy) has loved the L5R community ever since he joined over 3 years ago and considers it a great blessing in his life. He really likes the game, but he has not been playing the LCG competitively. He is mostly very involved in the RPG and its community on Discord and Facebook.

He is involved in several podcast productions, such as Crimson Gold Agonies and Second Hand Strife, focused on creating content for the community to enjoy the game.

Working with the Court Games network and serving as a Community GM have helped him get a well-rounded approach to the community.

Evan hopes to put his degree in Digital Marketing and Advertising to good use in this project as he has loads of ideas to keep the community engaged.

Community Management: Dan Solo Austin

Solo (Discord: Solo) is a dedicated Unicorn janklord and has been since he first picked up the game in 2017. He quickly fell in love with the intricacy of the gameplay and the possibilities present in creative deckbuilding. There’s nothing he enjoys more than taking a bad card (or clan) and making something effective and interesting out of it.

In the real world, Solo is a 30-year-old high school math teacher, musician, and twitch streamer. He enjoys cooking, audio books, and (of course) board games of all kinds.

Solo is thrilled to be joining the team as a community manager. Above all, he’s hoping that his love for the L5R community really shines through in this role and that he can help to bring the fans of this remarkable game together.

Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion Lead: Karolina Verdonk

Karolina (Discord: KarolinaV) is relatively new to the L5R community. She stumbled upon the LCG in the summer of 2020, loved the art and complexity of the game, started playing competitively in November 2020 with a great mentor, and has since become hooked on the game. Originally from Holland, she moved to Iceland in 2019 and enjoys playing with the local group there. As she is used to dive in deep, she decided to join the initiative to continue the game.

Karolina has a lot of experience working with volunteers, has a masters in Philosophy and is a trained mediator and loves to put her skills to good use for volunteer work. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and creating a positive atmosphere. Though she is starting to outgrow being a beginner herself, she strives to create a welcoming environment for beginners, both in terms of inclusion and to keep the community healthy. 

When she is not playing L5R or doing Emerald Legacy stuff, she is a Travel Designer, loves to read, play board games, be outside in the countryside and enjoys quiet time with her 2 cats. Do not ask her what her favorite clan is, she is yet undecided and trying them all.