We develop, design, and play test our own cards and card sets, which are fully compatible with the L5R LCG. You can download all our regular cards for free, either for printing them at home or to upload them at a card printing service (like DriveThru or MakePlayingCards) and order them from there. However, we also offer all our cards prepared as a complete pack on Please note that we never charge any money for the cards, you will only pay the production costs there.

Some of the special sets will only be available to purchase and only for a limited time.

Single Packs

A list of packs that are not part of a specific cycle.

Through the Mists

Our very first pack, with new cards for every clan.

Restoration of Balance

Our second pack, aimed at bringing some balance to the clans. Old cards rotate out, new cards replace them.

Ancient Secrets

Our third pack, showing you secrets the clans will uncover on Sanctuary!

Emerald Core Set

This is our very own core set for the game. You’re able to play the game with just the core set, you can extend it with our other packs, or you can add it to your existing collection for even more possibilities of deck building!

Game Night Kits / Promo Packs

Want to organise a tournament with your friends or at your FLGS? Then you should definitely get one of Game Night Kits!

Errata, Supporting Cards and Graphics

We also provide errata’d cards, supporting cards like role cards, the Imperial Favour, and Clan Mons.

You can download errata’d cards, elemental and supporting role cards, the Imperial Favour (political and military), and the images of clan mons and the elements we use.