Join Emerald Legacy

Emerald Legacy is a volunteer collective, run by volunteers. We are all fans of the Legend of the Five Rings game and want to contribute to keeping it alive and thriving. As this is no small job, we are always in search of people to join our team.

At this moment we can only offer volunteer positions as we are a fan-based nonprofit organization and are still without funds. Should we be able to secure funds that allow us to commission specific work, we will of course note that in the respective job description.

Of course you won’t work for nothing: you will be actively contributing to ensure the future of the game you love and we hope to compensate you for your input with a great and rewarding experience, lots of fun doing it, meeting and cooperating with wonderful people.

Please note that even though we are asking you to volunteer, we are working with deliverables, so we need you to commit to the work you agree on doing and need to be able to rely on that.  

So if you would like to volunteer your talents and some of your time to contribute to Emerald Legacy and help us create an amazing future for our beloved game, check the list of open positions below and send in your application. You will find the info on how to apply in the job descriptions.

Open positions

Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion advisors job description – accepting applications

Artists and graphic designers job description – accepting applications

Play Testers job description – accepting applications

Rules Volunteer job description – accepting applications


We’re also looking for people who can help out with other smaller projects. If you already know that this is something you’d like to do, please send us an e-mail to

Should you want to volunteer your talents and we currently don’t have an opening that matches them, please feel free to send us an e-mail to describing what you would like to do and we’ll see if we can fit you in.

As you can read in our charter, diversity and inclusion is one of our core values. We feel that diversity really contributes to the quality of our project, and enriches ourselves as team members. Of course we would love to see that also represented in our team. As you can see, our team is not yet very diverse. So we really encourage people from different backgrounds and identifications, especially people from the Asian community, to join us.

We’d love to hear from you!


Card Designers job description – closed for applications at the moment

Writers job description – closed for applications at the moment

Coordinator job description – closed for applications


Can I save my application and come back later? 

Sadly this is not a function enabled on Google forms. If you need longer to work on an application please copy the questions to a word document and paste the answers in when you are satisfied.

I applied but I haven’t received an answer yet. What to do?

Please take note that we are all volunteers, with limited available time, so responding to applications may take a while. If you haven’t heard from us about your application or the recruitment process within 2 weeks from the deadline (or 3 weeks from applying to an open ended position) please send us a reminder via 

Will the job I am applying for ever be a paid job?

No. We are a nonprofit and not allowed to gain from what we do, so we are all volunteers. Should we obtain funds, those will be dedicated to costs and very specific (mostly art-related) commissions. For some positions we might be able to find a creative, non-monetary way of compensation and we are always open to suggestions. But in general you should be aware that this is a labor of love and will remain so.