Restoration of Balance Preview 6/29

Another Wednesday, another Preview of our upcoming set Restoration of Balance. As we’ve shown you one card yesterday already, we will today look at two new cards, including a detailed description from a guest and from one of our play testers.

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Restoration of Balance Preview 6/22

Today’s article is a little bit different than the previous updates. It is released very late and it contains spicy information about changes to the Restricted List, Ban List and Splash Ban List. It is the summary of today’s stream. But read on to find out more!

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Restoration of Balance Preview 6/01

We kick off the month of the release of Restoration of Balance with another preview of cards, this time with a brand new card that won’t replace anything existing as well as two cards that will balance two of the strongest clans, Crab and Scorpion. Continue reading to find out more!

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