An Update to the Cards’ Design

We released our second set a while ago and also wanted to offer printed cards to our fans—only for the production cost of the cards, of course. However, our approach to adjusting the files for printing had some flaws, which resulted in cards that were cut off. Read on to find out what we had to change, what to expect next, and what this means for your cards.

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Balancing out Balance

Sometimes, some things turn out differently than expected. So did a few cards in Restoration of Balance, which lacked the necessary power or had too much impact in certain circumstances. Four cards will receive an errata and we will also change something in the Rules Reference Guide.

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Bringing Balance to Sanctuary

We all at Emerald Legacy have been eager to release our newest set to you, and I am sure that you have even more eagerly been awaiting the set. Well, wait no more, the cards are finally here! We’ve previewed most of the cards over the last weeks, but left some of them for you to discover and discuss.

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Restoration of Balance – Changelist(s)

The release of our set Restoration of Balance is imminent and with it come a few changes to the ban list, the restricted list and the splash ban list. You will find all changes in a neat overview in Emerald Edict v4.0 which will be released together with the set. Read on to find out about all the changes, summarised by KCOOREY.

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