Organized Play

The Test of the Pearl Champion

Featured image for a post about organized play. It reads "organized play" in the font of the Emerald Legacy.

It is less than a month until the Kotei in Nuremberg will take place, which is why we collected all the infos you need in this post – including the link to Tourney Grounds where you can already register. But more on this below.

The Quiet Before the Storm

Many of you will arrive on Friday June 21 already, so I offer you to go out to a dinner similar to last year. I’ll send an email to all of you who registered, but if you haven’t signed up yet (what exactly are you waiting for?!) you can be sure that we will organise something.

Same is true for Saturday, we will have our dinner together (if you want). I’m aiming for Finya’s Tavern (that’s where we were last year) if that’s fine for everyone.

I’ll be in Nuremberg on Friday early in the morning, so if you arrive early on Friday or even on Thursday, get in touch and I’ll show you the best coffee places in Nuremberg!

One of our artists, Jose M. García also decided to show up, so you can let him sign your hatamoto playmat or any promo that you might get *cough*.

Represent Your Clan

We’re going to have some clan specific promos planned, so please already register at Tourney Grounds here. It’s enough to register with your clan for now, should you still want to tinker with your deck until the last day before the tournament. This will allow me to order only the promos that are required and save some money. You will also be able to report your own matches on this platform, saving us time.

As the title of this post says, this tournament is the Test of the Pearl Champion. You all are sent by your clans to battle for this title, yet only one may stand victorious. Thus, the winner of the tournament will receive two prizes. On the one hand, they will—together with our story lead—decide on a character who is supposed to be the new Pearl Champion in our lore. On the other hand, they will receive a special version of the Writ of Survey, the Writ issued by the Pearl Champion.

Promo card of the Writ of Survey, containing the mon of the Pearl Champion next to the Imperial mon.
The Writ of Survey with the additional mon of the Pearl Champion.

Battlefield Orders

Here is all the information about the Kotei:

  • Date and Time: June 22/23, registration starts at 9 am, tournament at 10 am!
  • Location: Nerd Nexus Nuremberg, Nordring 107, 90409 Nuremberg (2nd Floor!)
  • Participation Fee: 20€
  • Loot: Lots of free loot for everyone, special rewards for winners/top cut.
  • Proxies: You are allowed and encouraged to use proxies. You can also use our official cards, of course. 😉
  • Rules: We use the current Rules Reference Guide and Emerald Edict
  • Tournament Registration: Fill out this form
  • Tournament Organisation: Tourney Grounds / Lotus Pavilion (please register yourself)
  • Food and Drinks: We will order food from an Asian restaurant or a Pizza restaurant, please bring cash or paypal. Drinks are very affordable (bottle of water 1€, bottle of any soft drink 2€, bottle of beer 2.5€), ideally you bring cash for those, too.
  • Hotels: You can stay at the Hotel Crystal or the Nuremberg City Nordost Premiere Inn, which are very close to the location. However, you can also stay at any hotel and use public transport to get to the location.
  • Evening Program: I’ve got you covered.

And that’s all for today! It’s less than four weeks to the Kotei. I’m looking forward to see you all there! If you have any questions, please get in touch via email or send me a DM on Discord (Hida Amoro).