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The Wave’s Blade

The Great Clans have begun an exodus, a journey to a land shrouded in mist far beyond the coastline of their homeland. They do this while blatantly turning a blind eye to the Mantis clan. How can such an outrage be left unanswered? Please enjoy today’s fiction, presented by our very own Chris Garvey, as the Mantis begin to make their move on the Great Clans, boldly following their fallen leader’s ambition for greatness.

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Scars and Failure

The Emerald Legacy Story Team is proud to present our very first Lion Clan fiction! Matsu “Khagdar” Kenshin has done a fantastic job stepping up as lead Lion Clan and we couldn’t be more excited to see the direction the Lion are lead under his direction. Our flagship fiction, Scars and Failure, deals with a side of the Lion that is not often addressed. This will set the stage for many great triumphs and tactics from the warriors of the Lion as they set sail into new lands and prepare to brave new dangers.

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