May Production Update

Header image for general updates of the Emerald Legacy

All our products are now available at Azao Games, just in time for the Kotei in Nuremberg!

You can now also order the Supplemental Pack and the Card Errata Pack at Azao Games. So now you can purchase any missing packs as well as the errata pack before the Kotei to play with the latest versions of our cards! We also updated the entries in our products section, so that you can in the future just click the buttons there to purchase the cards.

What’s Next?

Next up is our core set, but this will take a while, as we’re still in need of more than 100 artworks. If you now of artists who’d like to contribute to the project, allow us to use their existing art, or if you commissioned art that you’d like to see on a card, please get in touch!

We’re currently finishing our learn to play guide, which will also be a part of the core set box. Yes, it’s going to be a box, at least that’s what we’re currently aiming for. Big enough to store all your Emerald Legacy cards in it.

We’ll also release another Game Night Kit this year. But that’s all I can tell you so far.