2nd March Production Update

Header image for general updates of the Emerald Legacy

We’re back quicker than we thought with a bunch of updates regarding our card availability!


We’re happy to announce that all of our products are now available on!

Click here to get to the overview of all our card packs available (Through the Mists, Restoration of Balance, Ancient Secrets, the Errata Pack, the Supplemental Card Pack, and Game Night Kit 2023/2).

Azao Games

Our third pack, Ancient Secrets, is now also available on Azao Games!

You can purchase it here. Our other two packs, Through the Mists and Restoration of Balance, have already been updated with card errata and new art (click on the names to get to the respective page in Azao’s shop).

The Errata Pack and Supplemental Card Pack are currently prepared to launch in their shop, too. We’ll notify you once they are available.