Emerald Core Set – May Micro Patch

Header image for general updates of the Emerald Legacy

We keep advancing on getting all cards from the new core set illustrated, and the German Kotei approaches. It is also time for a small touch up on a few cards of the core set, as we wrap things up to be ready for the Kotei and for the design team to get back on the saddle looking into what comes next. So let’s go for the changes.

The Way of the Agasha

The Agasha family was represented in the core set in a small part of the Dragon card set. As our focus was set more into the Togashi and Mirumoto families, we unfortunately let the Agasha down with cards that missed the mark. But we come to fix that.

The Agasha Crucible represents the core of the Agasha identity. We introduced a new implementation of it in April, but we were too cautious there. The previous version of the holding only worked with fire shugenja, the new version works with shugenjas of any element and let them acquire any other element. This increased versatility helps the Dragon to build shugenja strategies by expanding the choice of talented shugenja that they can recruit to work in their laboratories, better collaborating with neutral shugenja or importing shugenja by splashing other clans.

Agasha Jianyu is a master alchemist, but unfortunately, the previous version of the character did not represent that concept well. It was also too limited in utility. For Jianyu we take a complete transformation, as we bring out his character of mixing the elements and distilling powerful concoctions. The Dragon have as many paths as they have members, with the new version of Jianyu the elemental versatility of the Agasha becomes a powerful (if unstable) asset.

We are also changing Makuragaeshi. This card is now renamed to Onibi, and it continues to be a Neutral conflict character. But the new version is a Spirit Fire Shugenja, this small change expands the access to Fire affinity to all clans. It’s a change that should have a small impact on the larger card base, but it is impactful on core set or EL only metas. We mention the change here because we expect Dragon the be the greatest beneficiary of this change.

One More for the Dragon

Another card where we missed the mark was Let Him Go By. The bow effect has been shown to fit the spot we planned, but the duel interaction was awkward and inconsequential. At the same time in the core set we introduced Master of the Blade, a concept dependent on Dragon having enough duels to initiate, but we did not give the Master enough duels for his taste. In this update we solve both issues. The new version of Let Him Go By keeps the same bow effect, but it gets a new duel interaction. It is a duel initiator itself, in the form of a duel that can embolden the heart of a Mirumoto warrior as they exploit the cowardice and weakness of their opponents.

Adjustments for Timing

We introduce two minor adjustments to make the timing and effects of Kakita Blade and Utaku Sumire easier to use. The new version of Kakita Blade is more explicit about when the bonus action happens, making it clear that the additional action happens when the conflict action windows start to work, and not during declaration reactions. The new version of Utaku Sumire is triggered as an interrupt, clearly separating its timing from all previous cards that triggered on “conflict begins”. We take the chance to clarify that the moment “conflict begins” happens when both attacker and defender have declared their characters for the conflict.

Power Adjustments

We take the chance to upgrade Diplomat of the Steppes. The old version triggered when Unicorn had more Political Skill than the opponent. The new version also triggers when the skill totals are tied. This change increases the usability of Diplomat on the defense, and reduces its vulnerability to the Imperial Favor.

And we pull down Asako Kousuke’s powerlevel by a notch. The previous version could replace status tokens of any participating character, with no restrictions. It is an ability highly dependent on matchups, but in a few matchups like Crane or Utaku-based Unicorn, the advantage generated by Kousuke was too high and the tools for counter-play too limited. The new version of Kousuke can only target characters with equal or less glory than Kousuke. As Kousuke has 2 glory himself, the change seems irrelevant on a first look, but we believe this change opens up counterplay avenues for the matchups that suffer the highest against Kousuke. Crane and Unicorn have tools to increase their glory, by deploying those tactics carefully they get to play around Kousuke to a certain degree. Furthermore, we are also reducing Kousuke’s Political Skill from 5 down to 4.

That’s it for today. What do you think of the changes? Let us know and make sure to check back tomorrow for a new story!