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Featured image for a post about organized play. It reads "organized play" in the font of the Emerald Legacy.

I had teased it previously, and I finally received the artwork for the participation playmat. But we’ve also got some news for the Hatamoto as well as more info about the story prize. Come on in!

It’s the Taking Part That Counts

You all know that only one player might win and the only a select few players will fight for the title on the second day of the tournament. However, you are an important part of it. And you can show your participation (to others) with our participation playmat of this Kotei season!

Image of the participation playmat, depicting a scene from the story "Foundations of Hope". The ship of the empress is rolled on trees and pulled by oxen, samurai, and imperial servants.

It’s one of the key events that happened in our story so far. Last year, the participation playmat featured the moment when the fog parted and the Empress laid Her eyes on Sanctuary. This year, we focus on the (crazy?) idea of Kaiu Mitsurugi, who proposed to move the Empress’ boat via land to the place they elected for the new Imperial Palace (read our story Foundations of Hope!).

We had to reduce the image size for this article, but trust me, the image by StumbleSeed is incredible and filled with so many details! ๐Ÿ™‚ You will be able to purchase the playmat at both the Kotei in Nuremberg as well as the Kotei in Seattle.

One of Each Clan

Yes, there will be seven new Hatamoto elected at each Kotei. And they shall be rewarded with a playmat as well. Have a look at all seven of them!

Image with all seven Hatamoto playmats. Each playmat features one iconic artwork of the clan from our Emerald Core Set.

Each playmat features an amazing piece of art from our Emerald Core Set, by Jose M. Garcรญa, StumbleSeed, Kevin Sanborn, and Jescer Ramirez.

Depending on the availability of our artists, we might be able to reward the best of each clan with even more prizes, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Fit for a Champion

Not only will the winner of the tournament be Hatamoto, they will also be asked to appoint the new Pearl Champion (Nuremberg) and the new Coral Champion (Seattle), respectively. They can choose one of the famous personalities of their clans and appoint them as the new champion! The two elected samurais will be the ones issuing the Writ of Survey (Pearl Champion) and the Writ of Sanctification (Coral Champion). These two roles may not have started out with huge power, but trust us, we’ve set them up to grow considerably. If you want to know more about these two roles, and the story around the Koteis, read The Pact by Tariq Ali.

Author’s note: The Pearl Champion is more or less equivalent to the Emerald Champion on Rokugan, whilst the Coral Champion is more or less equivalent to the Jade Champion.

Expanding the Battlefield

Alright, we’ve mentioned Seattle a few times, but I’m sure you want more details, so that you can already prepare your trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Date and Time: September 7 and 8, around 11am-6pm
  • Location: Around the Table Game Pub, 7600 196th St. SW #300, Lynnwood, WA 98036
  • Participation limit: 24 players
  • Prize support: pretty much the same as for Nuremberg
  • Participation fee: t.b.a.
  • Registration will open soon, at some point in June!

That’s it for today. As always, please let us know what you think! Your feedback is very valuable to us, you help us to shape and continue this game. Thank you!

Oh, and if you still have not registered for Nuremberg, what are you waiting for? We’re already 18 participants, and if you want to have that stunning participation playmat, you have to register until May 24!

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