Organized Play

Land Ho!

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The Landing Site Launch Tournament has been a huge success and we on the EL team are so excited to see this world develop and change based on the struggles and victories of you, our wonderful community. It has been a dramatic climb as the clans have vied for points and it is our utmost pleasure to reveal the story implications of your games! So without further ado……

TOURNAMENT Final Standings

  • Scorpion: 142 points
  • Lion: 118 points
  • Dragon: 105 points
  • Phoenix: 85 points
  • Unicorn: 82 points
  • Crane: 78 points
  • Crab: 77 points

The final standings are divided into three pretty clear categories with Crab, Crane, Phoenix, and Unicorn engaging in an open melee for points in the common fields, Dragon and Lion establishing themselves ahead of the rest of the pack, and Scorpion sitting as the undisputed top dogs of the event. It is very important to remember that with this event rewarding support roles, we should take these standings with a bit of salt. That being said, it is unsurprising that Scorpion, Lion, and Dragon would all fair so well with strong in clan options for readies, status tokens, attachment control, and card draw.

The Story Choices

  • The Scorpion Clan have chosen to establish strongholds within the Jade Colored Rocks to the south. Will such seclusion allow them to conduct secret operations? Or will it leave them far removed from the other clans’ areas of influence?
  • The Lion Clan promptly secured Fortune’s Fields as the tacticians they are. It does not take a genius to understand the value of feeding one’s troops, but what the Lion will do with the surplus remains to be seen.
  • The Dragon found harmony within the Cliffs of the Sea Dragon. Perhaps their familiarity with the mountains of their homeland will lead them to naturally settle on the sharp cliffside. Then again, who knows if their inclination for the mystical will lead to insights for the waters below.
  • The Phoenix were drawn to The Empty City. If there is a clan prepared to study the history and records of this mysterious place, it is the scholars among the Isawa and Asako families. Having a calm place will be good when establishing the proper temples and shrines needed to move forward as the clan establishes itself upon Sanctuary.
  • The Unicorn are drawn to exploration and navigation, who better to uncover the secrets of the Obsidian Caves? While not every cavern may hold room for a mount and rider, it is no question that the scouts and map makers of the Unicorn will delight in discovering every nook and cranny. Who knows? They might even find something entirely new they can ride within.
  • The Crane settled within the Forest of Rustling Whispers. Feeling at home within the natural beauty and serenity of the landscape, the artisans and courtiers of the Crane have quickly gone to work creating entirely new forms and iterations of known poetry and performances based on their new home. With the secret languages and cadence of the Doji second nature to the clan, perhaps they are best suited to the subtlety of the forest.
  • The Crab chose to settle within the Fields of Ashen Flame. A hardy people, they are not concerned for the heat of the environment but instead turn the keen minds of the Kaiu to creating a new home here. Between the ingenuity of the master designers and metalworkers of the Kaiu and the heavy infantry of the Hida you can be sure that there will be metalworks of the highest quality coming from the Crab within their new home.

We are very excited to see what sorts of stories come out of your choices as the story team moves forward making the world respond and grow alongside the games you play. It will be some time till you start seeing the results of these decisions in full releases from the EL team, but don’t let that stop you from speculating on what the ramifications could be!