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Kotei Season 2023 – The Accursed Discovery

Only 4 days until our very first (online) Kotei remain, and we haven’t told you anything yet about potential rewards, story intricacies, or details about the tournament itself. I’m going to change this today.

The Tournament

First of all, we’re going to use the current lists (banned, restricted, splash-banned), there won’t be any updates to it (would be a bit at short notice, right?). Also, the deck format will be Emerald Legacy, obviously.

Make sure to enter the tournament by registering on Tourney Grounds. This is mandatory, as we’re using the platform for our match making. Please provide information about the clan you play, your role, and your stronghold. If you cannot manage to add this information in time, we can amend this after the tournament started.

In addition, you have to join our L5R tournament discord server. We will use it to announce the start of new rounds, discuss matches, find our match partners, and so on.

Last but not least, you need an account on and, where you can create your deck (EmeraldDB) and play online (Jigoku). The deck lists will be important for the top cut, and your decks have to be the same on both match days. We trust in your honesty.

We will start at 1 pm UTC+0 on Saturday and will play at least four rounds of Swiss. Please be online at least a few minutes before, just in case.

The Accursed Discovery

We’ve received a letter by Kaito Yoshiaki, who made some interesting discoveries on Sanctuary that concern every clan. But read for yourself:

28 – The Accursed Discovery.pdf

Each player who finishes top of their clan is allowed to pick one of eight Greater Fortunes. Their clan will find a shrine of the chosen Greater Fortune in their lands. This shrine will grant their lands a boon based on the particular blessing of that Fortune. In addition, the clan will also learn that Fortune’s ancient name.

  • Fortune of Happiness and Fertility
  • Fortune of Longevity
  • Fortune of Contentment
  • Fortune of Wisdom and Mercy
  • Fortune of Honest Work
  • Fortune of Wealth
  • Fortune of Strength
  • Fortune of Romantic Love

The tournament’s winner (and thus their clan) will also receive the support of the Tanuki shrine-keepers, who will share a secret of the island with the winner. (Each Fortune can only be chosen once.)

The Rewards

Choosing a Greater Fortune and thus influencing the story and development of Sanctuary is already an incredible award. However, we’ve got more for you.

The best player of each clan will earn the title Hatamoto and will be listed in our Hall of Honor. If you play another official tournament where you could win the Hatamoto title with a different clan, we will have to take that title away from you.

In addition, since this is a card game we play, we will also have physical cards as rewards. Let me show you, as an image paints a thousand words:

Promo card for Dragon Clan

These provinces are from our next set, Ancient Secrets, and they will be available in this version only at Koteis this season. They will be in foil (most likely). They are not ready yet (play testing is still ongoing and some of the art is still in development) but we will send them to those who earned them as soon as they are available. We will grant them to everyone who makes the top cut, but also to the best player of each clan who did NOT qualify for the top cut.