Organized Play

Announcing Friday Night of Play

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Hi everyone, we are happy to announce the Emerald Legacy Friday Night of Play (for some of us this has many 90’s vibes). ‘What is this?’, I hear you say. Glad you asked, read on for Hida Suka’s introduction to this new event.

What is it?

Friday Nights of Play are nights in which we all meet together on Jigoku and play! There are no schedule of matches, no points or no whatever! It’s just a specific time slot in which you will always find someone to play with!

Some people will stream their matches (Hida Suka and DirtyDeeds, for example, decided to alternate their streams, but anyone is welcome to stream!), others will just join our FNoP voice rooms, some will only watch. This is also a good moment to play your discord league games, for instance!

How can I participate?

For one, you should join our L5R Tournament Discord server. You can announce your participation/absence for the upcoming Friday there, discuss matches or anything L5R related, or even find out about the Discord League and consider joining it, too! (For all things Emerald Legacy and L5R in general, you should join the official L5R Discord server.)

Then head over to Jigoku, get your deck(s) ready (you can import them from EmeraldDB), and play some games and have fun!

Closing words

This is something that we wanted to for ages, but real life is annoying when it comes to this beautiful hobby. See you tomorrow, 7 pm utc+0! —Hida Suka

Watch this space for the summary of the Kotei in Nuremberg, future Koteis, and more!