Announcing Tales of the Emerald Legacy – A Story Podcast

Featured image for a post about our podcast. It reads "New Podcast" in the font of the Emerald Legacy.

Hey everyone, we’re excited to announce our newest project, Tales of the Emerald Legacy, our story podcast. Read on to find out more!

As you know, Emerald Legacy has been writing its stories and crafting its world right from the start. Under Kakita Kaori’s guidance, our amazing authors brought the Great Clans (and the Mantis 😉 ) to life and detailed the findings and difficulties that each clan faces on Sanctuary.

However, some people prefer listening to stories over reading them themselves. This is why we decided to launch the Tales of the Emerald Legacy podcast. Each episode features one of our stories, read by one person of Emerald Legacy.

Our first story, Episode 1, is After the Storm, written and read by Kakita Kaori herself, with the sound design created by Chris Garvey.

You can listen, download and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss an episode! Please let us know if you enjoyed it by rating the podcast, commenting on our website, and leaving some kind words on Discord and Facebook!

You can also support us by becoming a patron on patreon.com, to keep this project and Emerald Legacy going.