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Clan Rivals – Crane vs. Phoenix

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The Phoenix have just suffered a defeat against the Dragon, yet a new feud is already looming. Read on to find out all the details about the next instalment in our Clan Rivals tournament series!

Boundless Arrogance

To General Daidōji Ota-sama,

The Phoenix investigations have become intolerable. At first, it was one or two subtle agents, slipping into our villages offering trade goods. But their intrusions become more overt, with inquisitors demanding to assess even our samurai with jade and salt. They demand answers to religious questions that peasants should not be expected to answer; my people serve the Crane well and do their duty.

The Phoenix imply that we have brought some sort of taint or religious unorthodoxy from the mainland. The inquisitors claim that their intrusions are necessary to stop “heresy”, which is their term for maho.

These investigations are not only unnecessary, but they are an insult to our honor and an infringement on our sovereignty. Our laborers are frightened and angry. One of my samurai, Fujihiro Saito, expressed disbelief, in a minor way, regarding the criteria used to judge the spirits of the dead. He was told he would be reported for heresy. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

If we allow these intrusions to continue, the Phoenix will be demanding to control our very leadership and decision-making, prying into the personal beliefs of all of our people. I will be barring all further Phoenix investigators from this area, without explicit permission from you. I hope you see the wisdom in this course.

Your loyal servant,

Dōji Bunjiro Magistrate of Plains Watch Village

How can I Participate?

When you sign up on Tourney Grounds, please choose one of the following options: Offer your help to the Crane (choose to state “Crane” as your team name), or to the Phoenix (choose to state “Phoenix” in your team name), or leave it blank. Or just reach out to Rob and he will sort you out if anything goes awry!

Technical information: 7-day rounds of Swiss. Amount of rounds depending on players: up to 16, 4 rounds, up to 32, 5 rounds, 33 or above 6 rounds. Resets will be Thursdays.

Top cut: top 2 or 4 of each team (2 if 16 players or less, 4 if 32 players or less) (in the case of going above 60 players, top 8 of each team will qualify) will go through to best of 3 knockout rounds (Also with 7-day playtime limits)

Special deckbuilding restrictions: Team Crane may not play Phoenix splash. Team Phoenix may not play Crane splash.

If you have not chosen a team, you can do so as the tournament goes on, but you will be counted as the lowest qualified player of your bracket if you do so. (As in, you are possibly on a 5-1 record, but you are counted as the last of the 5-1s for qualifying reasons if you choose your allegiance late. Sincerity is a virtue of Bushido after all.)

Please register here on Tourney Grounds until September 28, when we will start the tournament! Will you aide the Crane to protect their borders, or will you assist the Phoenix in an attempt to claim Crane lands?

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  1. Doji Arami

    The Crane deserve better treatment from their Phoenix allies.