Organized Play

Game Night Kit 2023/1 now available

Featured image for a post about organized play. It reads "organized play" in the font of the Emerald Legacy.

We’re happy to inform you that our second Game Night Kit, ELOP-002, is now available to purchase on!

Game Night Kit 2023/1

We recently announced our second tournament pack and are glad to tell you that you can order it now as well. Head over to our product page of the game night kit and buy it for your next local tournament!

In our announcement post, we also mentioned that we will inform you about potential tournament structures once the set would be available. Well, now is the time.

Potential Tournament Structures

The first proposal for a tournament is to use the kit as a one-shot. You hand out the play set of the in-clan characters to the best player of each clan. Every participant—or the top 8, depending on how many participants you have—receives a play set of Disarm, our neutral event. If you have 16 or more participants, you might want to hand out only one copy of Disarm to each participant.

Another idea is to have three tournaments, where you hand out only one copy of each card for best-of-clan and only one copy of Disarm for the top 8 or each participant.

You can, however, use the cards as you seem fit to distribute them among participants, winners, and so on. The most important thing is that you enjoy the game and have some beautiful prizes to hand out at your tournament!

Here’s a look at all the cards!

All 8 different events of the Game Night Kit, displayed in three rows.
All cards of the Game Night Kit, with Crane Industry having three different artworks.