The Seven Hatamoto of Kaze no Toshi

Featured image for a post about organized play. It reads "organized play" in the font of the Emerald Legacy.

The warriors have returned from the battles of Kaze no Toshi, and a few of them have returned as new heroes of their clans. We welcome you to the Hall of Honor, Hatamoto!

Here are the (new) Hatamoto of Kaze no Toshi 2021 (they all finished top of their clan):

ClanName / Nickname
CrabSimone Altamore / Suka
CranePablo Casares / Djinncito
DragonGunnar Traustason / Togashi Komhl
LionTom Nys / Ikoma Tomoya
PhoenixTanausu Francisco Exposito / 3DCube
ScorpionAlejandro Calero / Shinsou
UnicornSergio Sanz / Akuma

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