Ready for Battle

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With our own core set on the horizon, we have to think about new players who will join the world of Sanctuary and who would like to download or purchase our products. We won’t be able to create a package with plastic or cardboard rings, honour tokens, and fate tokens. However, we’ve come up with something else. Have a look!

B-ring-ing in New Players

The former game was called Legend of the Five Rings and with Emerald Legacy, the five rings still occupy center stage. Since we’re producing a card game and know how to do that, we asked ourselves: why not create rings in the form of cards? And that’s exactly what we did. Here’s how they are going to look:

As you can see, the effects are exactly the same as you know them, we did not change any of them. You will be able to download them tomorrow from our product section (supporting graphics) either as single images or as a prepared sheet of paper that you can print at home, cut and fold, and use for your games.

Contingency Planning – Stand-In Pieces and Token Organisation

Next up is the challenge with honor and fate tokens. Both are essential resources in the game and are in a constant state of flux. We assume that players who discover our card game already have some sort of tokens (multiple, most likely) or dice at home. So all they need is an area on the board that tells them where to put the honor and fate tokens/dice. Two of our playtesters came up with the idea to create pool cards for them.

If you want to show more clan allegiance – I do! – we also have clan specific versions of them (both for honor and fate):

What’s missing? The first player token! We have one for you, too.

Last in the list of supporting cards is our “honor dial”. We believe that you can easily replace the honor dial with a simple six sided die. Just cover it with your hand and set it to a value between 1-5, then reveal the die. To not mix it up with potential fate or honor dice, we created a separate card where you can put the die on, right in the middle of the five elements.

Status Tokens – Honor, Dishonor and Taint

Another key element of the game is the possibility to honor or dishonor characters. This means, that their glory value is added (honored) or subtracted (dishonored) from their military and political stats. We created flip cards (honored at the top, dishonored at the bottom) for this, which you can slot right behind your own or your opponent’s character card and it will show you if you have to add or subtract the glory value. In addition to honor/dishonor, there’s the possibility to taint a character or a province. Those taint tokens were only available in Under Fu Leng’s Shadow, which has become a rather rare product, unfortunately. Therefore, we also created tokens that indicate the taint, since we’re using this mechanic on our cards as well.

Looks good, right? Here’s a look at the full honor/dishonor and taint cards.

Part of the Core

Once we’re going to provide physical copies of the Emerald Core Set (meaning: once we have all the art), we’re adding those supplemental cards to the pack. However, should you want to purchase this set of game supporting cards, check back regularly. We will offer them as a separate small pack in the near future. This pack will also include the Imperial Favor as well as all the roles that are already available on our site.