Bringing Balance to Sanctuary

We all at Emerald Legacy have been eager to release our newest set to you, and I am sure that you have even more eagerly been awaiting the set. Well, wait no more, the cards are finally here! We’ve previewed most of the cards over the last weeks, but left some of them for you to discover and discuss.

Getting Your Hands on the Cards

Maybe you already printed our first set Through the Mists yourself or via a printing company. Then you’ll like that we prepared all the cards of Restoration of Balance for download! Head over to our Restoration of Balance Download section and grab the files you want! You’ll find several things there:

  • RoB Print A4 (PDF)
    A PDF file that you can send to your printer, and then cut out the cards and slide them over existing cards into sleeves! No need for glueing or folding anything, but you’ll miss out on our nice card backs.
  • RoB Print A4 cardbacks (PDF)
    A PDF file that also contains the card backs. Print them, cut them, then fold them and slide them into a sleeve (you might want to glue them together or slide them over an existing card for more stability. But then you can use clear sleeves.
  • PNGs 300 dpi
    Great if you want to do some digital stuff with the cards or print only a few of them.
  • PNGs with bleed 300dpi
    Those cards are prepared to be sent to a printing company. They contain a bleed area so that nothing of the cards gets cut off when processed by the company (MakePlayingCards, DriveThruCards, etc.).

We will also prepare something on DriveThruCards, where you can then purchase the set via DriveThru. This will save you the effort to upload all the cards yourself.

Emerald Legacy will not earn one single cent from a purchase on DriveThruCards. You will only pay the price for the production of the cards!

For the Online Experience

You can find all cards on EmeraldDB already, go check them out and start building your new decks! We also updated the existing cards regarding rotation, ban, restriction, and splash ban, respectively. So everything is set for the next Clan Rivals tournament.

The set will also soon (at some point today, hopefully) be available on Jigoku, so you can immediately play with the new cards!

What About the Rules and the Updated Lists?

When you head over to our Rules section, you will find an updated Emerald Edict (version 4.0) that contains all the updates to the various lists, as well as an update Rules Reference Guide (version 3.0). We changed the rules regarding the keyword Gaijin, which is available in the new file.


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    Should the sisters of the slightless eye be a part of the crab