Organized Play

Clan Rivals – Lion vs. Scorpion

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The clans have barely settled on Sanctuary, yet there are already new feuds on the horizon. Read on to find out about the next instalment in our Clan Rivals tournament series.

Scorpion Enter Lion Lands

It is hard to argue where ones borders are in an unexplored country, but trust the Lion to make it perfectly sure where their lands begin and end. And lately, there have been trespassers aplenty on the southern borders and beaches. The Scorpion have had the audacity to claim a strip of land to settle on the very edge of the Lion lands. Akodo Cho has decided that these settlers need to be politely, but firmly, turned away from this position. The Scorpion, of course, have the very opposite viewpoint. Things have come to heat lately, and some suspicious mishaps happening in the Lion lands have lent even more suspicions that the Scorpion are trying to muscle in…

Now you are all invited to determining whom this dispute will favour, at this point in time.

Tournament Infos

Clan Rivals is a tournament where you pledge your allegiance to one of the two rivalling clans (or participate as a ronin, but where is the fun in that?). The result of the tournament—the winner’s supported clan—will influence how our story on Sanctuary develops, and might even result in cards specific to the outcome!

Start date: The tournament will start on July 16, 2022.

Signup: Click the link to Lotus Pavilion to sign up. When you sign up, please choose one of following options: Lend your arms to the Lion (choose to state “Lion” as your team name), or to the Scorpion (choose to state “Scorpion” in your team name), or leave it blank. Or just reach out to Rob and he will sort you out if anything goes awry!

Tournament structure: The tournament will have 5-day rounds of Swiss (you have 5 days to finish each round). The amount of rounds depends on players: up to 16 players will result in 4 rounds, up to 32 players will result in 5 rounds, and 33 or more players will result in 6 rounds.
The Top Cut will consist of the top 2 or top 4 of each team (2 if 16 players or less, 4 if 32 players or less—in case of more than 60 players, the top 8 of each team will qualify). Each player then plays best-of-three knockout rounds, again with 5 days per round as limit.

Special deck-building restrictions: Team Lion must not play Scorpion splash. Team Scorpion must not play Lion splash. If you’re playing Scorpion as your clan, you must choose team Scorpion. If you’re playing Lion, you must choose team Lion.

Pledging allegiance late: If you have not chosen a team, you can do so as the tournament goes on, but you will be counted as the lowest qualified player of your bracket if you do so.
Example: You are possibly on a 5-1 record, but you are counted as the last of the 5-1s for qualifying reasons if you choose your allegiance late. Sincerity is a virtue of Bushido after all.

So, raise the banners of who you support. Fight for the glory of them and their ancestors.