Call to Action!

The Emerald Legacy Team is made up of volunteers passionate about the game continuing to live on and we need your help to bolster our ranks. As we reflect on the past year and look forward to continue expanding our work in the new year, we are looking for other passionate members of the community to step in to several teams.

– The Design Team is looking for a designer with a focus on political interactions; specifically for clans like the Crane, Phoenix, or Scorpion, in order to ensure these aspects of the LCG are innovative and fleshed out alongside military focused strategies.

– The EDI Team is looking for more cultural advisors, mostly about Asian culture and (dis)ability. As we work to create exciting stories, card art and characters in a fantasy setting, it is an utmost priority for the EL Team to ensure that we are doing so in a respectful and honoring fashion to the cultures that inspire our stories.

– The Rules Team is looking for a rules volunteer who is passionate about rules, willing to proofread, review, and template designs of cards or balance changes as the game moves forward. We want this game to be as consistent and clean as possible in order to maximize fun. Having an up to date card database with up to date rulings is an important part to ensure this.

– The Art Team is still looking for more artists and graphic designers to he lp bring the wonderful cards, stories, and community events to life. Even though we are a volunteer based team with no budget, we strive for the art on our projects to be evocative and immersive for the community as they enjoy it. If you’d like to see your artwork on our cards, please apply!

Play Testers are always needed and with our very first pack, Through the Mist, freshly released you can be assured there are plenty of other designs being worked on in the lab to continue improving the game experience for everyone. As play tester you offer insights and commentary on the newly designed cards, through actually playing them. Your feedback helps improve the quality of design and balance of the game.

– As a lot of the gameplay is happening online, we are looking for Web developers and Data maintainers to keep emeraldDB and Jigoku up to date. Both the regular platforms and the platforms used for play testing. You don’t need any experience in coding as Data maintainer by the way. Just a drive to support online play and EL game development. Web Developers would need to be able to code. Check the stacks in the job description.

We would not exist without our volunteers, people who love the game and want to see it grow and continue to expand. We hope we get to welcome you in our amazing team soon! Want to know more about one of the open positions? Just ask the respective core team member or send an email to info @

One thought on “Call to Action!

  • Raymond Crocker says:

    Good day,
    I’d like to help with this project. I believe I would best fit as a play tester. I’m not the best player in the world, but I should be able to report if card text are ready read and/ or make sense.

    Thanks in advance,

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