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A Change in Design

It’s been a bit more than a year since the Emerald Legacy took the guardianship of the L5R LCG. In that time, a lot has happened: a new continent was revealed, astonishing art was created, and 2 expansions got released. An amazing accomplishment for our community, and we are deeply thankful for the passion and care put forward by everybody involved. We thank everybody involved from the bottom of our heart.

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The Only Constant is Change

Teams change. People leave, new members arrive. That’s pretty much everywhere the case, and Emerald Legacy is no exception. We will adjust some things how we want to operate and are also (and still) looking for new volunteers. Yet, we will continue to be the Emerald Legacy and will try to continue the game that we all love. Read on for more details!

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Call to Action!

The Emerald Legacy Team is made up of volunteers passionate about the game continuing to live on and we need your help to bolster our ranks. As we reflect on the past year and look forward to continue expanding our work in the new year, we are looking for other passionate members of the community to step in to several teams.

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Meet the Team: Twitch Stream Recap

Last week we had a very successful stream up on Twitch. Due to some technical issues we were not able to export the recording into video format so we made a list of everything discussed to insure no one is stuck out of the loop. Discussion was broken into several broad topics, (Story, Design, Rules, Art, Organized Play, and General Updates) and we got to introduce a few of ourselves and share how excited we are about this project with you all.


– Our story line will run in parallel to FFG’s story line (if it should continue)

– We won’t be able to use any characters from FFG’s canon after we’ve left Rokugan

– We plan on having story prizes for tournaments and other ways to let the community shape the story (in reasonable ways)

– Each clan has a story lead and we also have an additional writer for Mantis and antagonist stories. The names of the people involved stay a secret until we release their first stories – You can find our two released stories “After the Storm” and “An Empress’s Legacy” here


– Our first product is going to be named “Through the Mists” and will be roughly 50 cards (~6 cards per clan, padded out with neutrals)

– The set will feature some cards like Disarm and Ayubune Pilot that aim at providing neutral solutions that required certain splashes previously

– For clan themes, we want to focus on fleshing out a few Core set themes that haven’t gotten FFG’s attention – We are currently looking on how/if we want to rotate out existing cards but there is nothing set in stone yet when it comes to that


– We will continue working on the rules framework of the game, but will do so step by step

– The new attachment rule acts as a proof of concept that is supposed to show the community that we are not afraid of making some major changes to the game and that those changes result in a healthier game

– While errataing FFG’s cards is something we don’t want to do often (for legal reasons), we might potentially replace existing FFG cards with similar, toned down replacements


– We are currently relying on volunteer work to get things done, as we have no budget yet

– There will be ways for the community to support Emerald Legacy financially, to give us a bit of money to acquire artwork

Organized Play

– We are very happy with the turnout for the Emerald Legacy Launch event – The clan of the winner of that tournament will escort the imperial delegation to where ever our story is heading

– Also, there will be a neutral card in Through the Mists that will provide a little extra bonus when played by a player of the winner’s clan


– The Hall of Honor is now live at

– We are still searching for volunteers to help us on the way, especially when it comes to art. You don’t need to be a professional artist to help out, any level of experience will do

– We are also still searching someone to fill the spot of Project Coordinator. If you are interested in working with this lovely bunch of people and have a hand for project management and coordination, please apply!

Thank you for your positive feedback to our launch. We’ve been blown away by your responses and are grateful for each and everyone of you that is giving us a chance to keep this game alive!