A Change in Design

Header image for general updates of the Emerald Legacy

It’s been a bit more than a year since the Emerald Legacy took the guardianship of the L5R LCG. In that time, a lot has happened: a new continent was revealed, astonishing art was created, and 2 expansions got released. An amazing accomplishment for our community, and we are deeply thankful for the passion and care put forward by everybody involved. We thank everybody involved from the bottom of our heart.

During this time, the card design was developed by Ide Kirik and Nomadic. Unfortunately, in late August of this year, they could no longer continue due to lack of time. All the best for the two of you! After their leave, we counted on the help from members of our playtest group to keep the ball rolling for a while. We thank you all, for the time and effort put into supporting our game and the community. For all the cards we use to play today, for the cards that we are still to see, and also for all the sketches that it took to get here.

In October, we start with a new design team.

Familiar Faces

Having first crossed paths in the long gone days of 2008 in a far away land, Rob and Siri are now assuming the role of Design Team. Rob has been a part of L5R since the earliest days of the CCG, and holds the achievement of having played L5R in 4 continents! Siri joined a bit later in 2004, and was the chairman of the Jade Edict in the days before the Emerald Legacy.

Let’s do some quick questions:

What’s your main clan, and what’s another favorite clan of yours?

Rob: Dragon, then followed by the Fox, but I confess some love and some hate for every clan. I have always thought their flaws, not their strengths, are the best of their storytelling.

Siri: I started out as Crab, but after a while in the LCG I changed into Scorpion, as the playstyle suited me better. I’m also a big fan of the Mantis, and the Ronin. You might say I like the scum of the empire.

Which element represents you better?

Rob: I would not dare to say. Sometimes I am Earth, sometimes, I am Fire. I think we all are many things, but if I had to choose one, I’d probably see myself as more Earth than others.

Siri: Some chopped Fire, in a thick sauce of Void, with a spicy Air seasoning.

What’s the best thing about L5R in your opinion?

Rob: The Passion. I would have left a long time ago if it wasn’t there.

Siri: L5R has so much depth. The gameplay with multiple win conditions provides a strategic richness that I haven’t found in any other card game, and the high level of agency for each player is also one of its best traits. There’s always an out, it’s a rewarding game where your wins and your losses are majorly decided by who makes less mistakes – it’s hard to win solely on luck. And the setting. And the community, the people are just good.

What’s a pet card of yours that doesn’t see enough play?

Rob: Good Omen. It is not a good card, but gods I love the feeling it gives me.

Siri: Kirei-ko. The art is gorgeous, and that surprise effect coming from out of nowhere is a thing of beauty.

What’s coming next?

There’s a new set currently in playtest that should be coming soon. It’s 24 cards total, introducing some key aspects of the new continent. Its name: Ancient Secrets.

Then following that, we have another set, this one larger with 47 cards. It is focused on broadening the playstyles of most clans, bringing tools to fortify underdeveloped themes and open up a few new ones. This set should get into playtesting soon, 96% of the cards are already designed.

After that, who knows? It might be time to refresh the baseline of the game, maybe a new Core Set? Nothing is set in stone yet.