Gifts and Favours – Patreon Support

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We have finally taken all the necessary steps to open a Patreon page for our project. You can now support us financially, if you like. Let us tell you what we’re planning to do with your support!

Last week, we asked you to join our forces, if you want to contribute to our project. But maybe that’s not for you. Well, maybe this is: We’re delighted to tell you that you can now support us on Patreon!

A Favour Returned

Our main focus with Patreon is to cover our current costs. We run different services like this website, mail service, and EmeraldDB. This costs us money, which we—until now—covered with our own savings. The first goal is to cover those costs. If only a few people support us on Patreon, we will quickly be able to do so. What’s next? We’re planning different things for the future. We want to be able to organise offline Koteis for the community, at cool locations with amazing prize support. So if we receive more money, it will be used for that. We’re also planning to be at conventions, like UK Games Expo in Birmingham or SPIEL in Essen. We want to get more people involved with Emerald Legacy products and the game, which makes these events very important for us. If there is still some money left, we will donate it for charity.

When they ended the game L5R, FFG released a legal statement that forbids fan projects to collect money to pay artists or other people for working on the project. We will not use the money to buy artworks, pay people who work on the project, or buy expensive software licenses with it.

What’s in it for me?

When you’re checking out our Patreon page at the moment, you will immediately recognise that there are no specific perks for the different support tiers. We’ve not finished our discussions about them yet, but you can be sure that there will be some. 🙂 What we can guarantee you now is this: all patrons will get access to our private Emerald Legacy Server, so that you can get early looks at artworks, cards in the making, story development and soon. We will deal with this within the next few weeks.

We’re grateful for each and everyone of you who shows interest in our cards, stories, and rules development. You are the reason why we exist, you are the reason why our beloved game continues to exist. Thank you!