Organized Play and the Return of the Hatamoto

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Throughout history, status has been defined by displays of prowess and skill. Great champions of legend have arisen from their acts of cunning and strength. While it has been a time of recovery recently, we at the Emerald Legacy are very excited to announce the beginnings of a new Organized Play standard for grizzled veterans and aspiring newcomers alike.

Launch of Organized Play

Our launch tournament will last over the course of a month and begins on August 1st. We plan to run four qualification pods, two will be in the US/AU and two will be set for the EU, with a singular weekend for the final knockout stage. Qualification pods will default to five rounds of swiss but could vary depending on the number of signups we get. Everyone with a 4-1 record or better will qualify for advancement. There will be a single challenger for each clan determined by strength of schedule. The Lotus Pavilion page will be posted this weekend, so keep an eye out!

For the time being the Emerald Legacy will focus primarily on digital events, as they are much easier logistically to implement and organize. We do not envision this being the permanent format for the game, but it is the best, first step for our journey into this brave new world. Speaking of brave new worlds, our very first event will have a story prize for the winner. I’m not allowed to spoil too much at the moment but there may or may not be a card named “The Empress’s Legacy” attached to the story choice 😉

The Return of the Hatamoto

The promise and idea of clan Hatamotos was always an exciting one and while in practice it had very little impact on the game it was a fantastic part of the community and we want to see a return to that tradition. We are going to be careful to not follow in any past mistakes, so for now we want to start with a few ideas and build our way up from there. At any physical event that is run under Emerald Legacy OP, Hatamoto will have priority seating as well as their own clan tables. These tables might be dressed in the colors of each clan or decorated uniquely depending on the scale of the event and the ability of the TO. We are still working on the technical side of things, but there will be a page of honour on the Emerald Legacy website detailing the Hatamoto for each clan. Once we are able to begin running physical events, Hatamoto will automatically prequalify for the main event. Finally, your Hatamoto status will not decay! The only way to lose it will be to change clans in a tournament where Hatamoto status is on the line.

We have decided to honour the top performers of Clan War with Hatamoto status, as this will serve as our building block to expand on moving forward. In addition, we wish to honour the previous Shogun of the game for their deeds with Hatamoto status.

Crab: Benjamin Wolf / Hida Amoro 

Crane: Pablo Casares / Djinncito

Crane: Erik Baalhuis / Daidoji Erik

Dragon: Patrick Hayden / Turtle_Dude

Lion: Davide Giagnorio / Comebackman95

Lion: Samuel Benies 

Phoenix: Luiz Bretas / LGB

Phoenix: Jose Luiz Saenz / Fleepa

Scorpion: Pietro Sebastiano Monari / pudduk

Unicorn: Oskar Bladh / DirtyDeeds