Art Release 4/13

It’s time for our weekly art release!

Shout out to Daniel Correas, the grand champion of the Emerald Legacy Launch Tournament in 2021, who earned the favor of the Imperial contingent and a special advantage for crab players who use The Empress’ Legacy (TtM47)!
As always, these five cards will be immediately updated on and today for immediate use. Many thanks to our dedicated artists!!

Today we present: The Empress’ Legacy by Jérémie Morán, Henshin Seeker by Mickaël Sans, Ashigaru Company by Thulsa Doom, Master at Arms by Choupi, and Dōji Aspirant by Mariko.


  1. Jian

    I need original files (without words) for players in my country. thanks!

    • Hida Amoro

      Hi there, I also sent you an email about this topic. 🙂 Currently, there are no free templates. We do, however, work with volunteers to provide translations for their countries.