Card Errata Available For Download

Header image for general updates of the Emerald Legacy

You might remember that we changed some of our cards that were in our first set, but either on the ban list or too strong. They are now available for print@home.

Deployed Garrison and “The Whale” Bake-Kujira had been on the ban list for quite a while, when we decided to change them and make them playable. In addition, we changed East Wind completely to something totally new, as its previous version turned out to be too limiting for the design space of future cards. Lastly, Togashi Tsurumi received a completely new artwork.

All those changes have been live on both EmeraldDB and Jigoku, but there was no easy way for you to get your hands on paper versions of them. We’re happy to announce that you can now download an “errata sheet” of cards, with or without cards backs. Should we decide to change some of our cards in the future, we will simply add them to this document. You can find the PDF files in our Supporting Cards and Graphics Section.