March Production Update

Header image for general updates of the Emerald Legacy

Hey everyone, we’d like to update you on our current production status of both DriveThruCards and Azao.


Some of you might have noticed that our packs disappeared on DriveThruCards. We updated all the cards in Through the Mists and Restoration of Balance with the errata, some artwork changes, and the new set icons (it really was about time!). In addition, we fixed the card backs of two cards in Ancient Secrets (looking at you, Jealous Ancestor and Kuro).

Every update on DriveThruCards requires a proof order, which has to be printed and shipped. This takes three to five weeks. If the proof orders arrive, we can make them visible again. All three orders were placed nine days ago, we hope to be able to make them available for you soon. We will notify you, once this is the case.

We also added our first Errata Card Pack to DriveThru, and its proof order was placed together with the two others above. It contains all the cards of Through the Mists and Restoration of Balance that received errata over the last year.

Lastly, the Game Night Kit 2023/2 is finally available on DriveThruCards, you can order it here. There were some issues with colours on the cards, but we were able to solve them. You can of course wait until the other packs are available again, the Game Night Kit will be available until June 30, 2024.

Azao Games

We also provided Azao with the updated files for Through the Mists and Restoration of Balance. They replaced the old files with the new ones, so if you order via their website, you should receive the shiny new cards.

Ancient Secrets is currently being processed and will appear on Azao’s website soon. We’ll also inform you once they are available.

In addition to the regular sets, we’re also going to make the Supplemental Pack and the Errata Card Pack available via Azao. We’ll provide them with the files this week so that they will also soon be available on their website.

Thank you so much for your support. We hope you enjoy playing with our cards. You can expect updates to some cards of our core set as well as news about changes to restricted list and ban list this week.