The Role of Art

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When developing a card game, it’s not only important to have the card tech and beautiful artwork to go along with each card. Art like card backs and supporting (pun intended) elements also play an important role. They usually do not take center stage, but their absence immediately catches the eye. Read on to see what art we have in place for favour, card backs, and more!

We’ve Got You Covered!

All card packs have a cover, even those created by fans. Through the Mists is no different. Have a look at this stunning cover, created by Julius, our Art Lead. The image you see is taken from a card we have not shown you yet with artwork, so you might guess which one it is. The image was painted by Jérémie Morán.

Cover image for the card pack "Through the Mists", showing the logo of Emerald Legacy as well as the title of the pack. A painted view from the ocean towards Sanctuary is used as background image.

May I Ask a Favour?

One of the pieces of the card game is the opportunity to win the Empress’s favour, depicted by the card “Imperial Favor”. Have a look:

Beautiful, right?

One Role to Rule Them All

You can choose an elemental role to be able to play specific cards. Or you add a support role of another clan to be able to play more cards of your splash clan. Whatever you do, you can do it now with our set of roles. First, our incredible elemental roles:

“But the Seeker and Keeper roles looked differently?” I’m glad you asked. We did that, too. Have a look at Keeper and Seeker of Water. Notice the subtle difference in the background? But we also made it more obvious which role is used, as this was requested by some community members. Keeper roles will have an enso in the four corners around the elemental symbol, Seeker roles will have a tomoe on the top, bottom, left and right sides of the elemental symbol.

Julius, who came up with all the roles’ designs, also developed two different supporting role layouts. One with the traditional black mon, but also one with the mon in its clan colours. Check them out:

Watch Your Back!

Last, but definitely not least, our cards need new art for their back. And to my mind, the new designs are great in colour and so clean. But look for yourself (province, dynasty and conflict card back from left to right):

You can find all of the roles ready for download in our Downloads section, either for printing it yourself or in the perfect format to get it printed by a professional printing studio (the cards include a bleed area). The card backs are included in the card files of the sets.

The alert reader might find spoilers to unreleased cards in our rules documents…

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